Benefits of Using Office 365 for Business in Singapore

Office 365 subscription

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the shift to digital has commenced as businesses continue to find ways to innovate. As they say, if you do not innovate, you will be left behind in the industry. Technology, indeed, has greatly influenced how a business operates and how office works are being accomplished.

For one, the technological advancements allow remote working if the team members are onboarded in a digital platform where they can collaborate virtually. Work-from-home schemes have become the trend as more people try to find work-life balance. This is why more and more companies are using Office 365 for business.

Essentially, Office 365 for business is a cloud-based productivity platform hosted by Microsoft. It features several functions for the processing of text, numbers, and presentation, among others. It has an information technology management that allows private social networking and collaboration; and online document storage for up to 1 terabyte.

Let us discuss the different perks of using Office 365 for business.


According to your company’s needs, this Microsoft product allows you to have the flexibility to scale up your business faster. Take note that businesses can mix and match the featured applications to craft customized solutions for different departments or users. At the same time, you can add or remove online collaborators or users easily by handing out licenses for access.

Because you can scale when needed, the company members will still work with the same tools even though the business is growing. You do not have to make the big change of moving into a new platform anymore.

The flexibility of Working Anywhere

Thanks to cloud technology, Office 365 for business allows you to work anywhere you wish as long as you have internet connectivity. It is even more beneficial nowadays given that most jobs in the office have transitioned to work-from-home arrangements.

At the same time, it is also beneficial for big companies which operate in multiple locations or whose employees are working remotely and travelling always. An Office 365 subscription can truly be maximized in this setting.

Basically, Office 365 for business is accessible via the cloud, including the e-mail, files, and Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. A member can create, edit, and share using different devices such as personal computers and even on tablets and mobile phones.

Collaboration Made Easier

Often, you have teams that need to work together in several tasks, which involve finalizing documents and creating presentations. Office 365 is a smart tool solution for this because it allows online collaboration.

For example, if the team is working on a document file, such as a spreadsheet or even simple Word file, the members can navigate the same version in real-time. They do not need to have multiple copies of the file anymore, which usually leads to mistakes because some files might not be updated.

You can also create a shared calendar and team chat so that all the members will always know the latest happenings in the company.

Reliable Security Features

Microsoft understands that as technology progresses, additional security features should be in place to make sure that the data in Office 365 for business is kept safe all the time. After all, these pieces of information are very confidential and should not be publicly accessed. Office 365 has the following built-in security features so you will have your peace of mind.

  • Message encryption. It allows you to send an encrypted email to the intended recipient is the only one allowed to read it.
  • Advanced threat analytics. With the help of analytics and machine learning, it can detect suspicious activity immediately and inform everyone.
  • Mobile device management. It secures and manages the software on employees’ mobile devices using Office 365 for business.

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