How is Gem Selections spreading awareness about real gemstones among the masses?


Gemstones are something that needs to be authentic and high quality. You can’t compromise on their quality, or else you won’t be able to derive the desired benefits, and they would be a mere piece of jewellery. People who believe in astrology are aware of the excellent benefits of various gemstones for different zodiac signs based on astrology consultation.

Khanna Gems has carved a niche for themselves in the gemstone market owing to excellent services. The company has been serving people for more than three decades. Gem Selections is a unit of Khanna Gems, which is setting new records with never seen before initiatives. At Gem Selections, you get non-heated and non-treated gemstones, which are duly certified by IGI- GTL, a lab sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

Gem Selections happens to be India’s biggest and leading brand for Gemstones that is now educating and spreading awareness among the masses about gemstones on a large scale. Hindustan Times in its articlepraised the efforts ofbrand running various campaigns to educate people on differentiating between fake and real gemstones. They are also teaching people about what they should look for while buying any gemstone.

It is very common to hear about instances wherein people ate cheated by sellers with fake stones. There is adulteration in everything, right from what we eat to what we use in day-to-day life. Chemical treatments are also a part of the same. The chemically treated products cause harm and do no good to humans.

Even the gemstones are no exception to this type of adulteration. Unfortunately, chemical treatment is being done on gemstones such as Neelam, Manik, and Pukhraj on a huge scale. Most gemstones that are being sold in the market have one or other type of treatment on them, such as glass filling, cobalt filling, beryllium fillings, etc. The chemically treated gemstones never help in deriving the benefits. They are not powerful enough to absorb the cosmic rays of concerned planets. This means that they are only cosmetic in nature. They only look good on the wearer and are only a piece of jewellery. They will never serve the purpose of wearing gemstones.

Hence, it is extremely important to buy real gemstones, and it is possible only when you can differentiate between real and fake gemstones. It is believed that only non-heated and non-treated gemstones have the power to absorb the cosmic rays of concerned planets. It is important for the buyer to be assured about the quality of the gems and to know that the gemstones are free of all chemical treatments.

If you are looking for a guarantee of real gemstones with no chemical treatments, Gem Selections is the right choice for you. ‘Gem selections’ is a unit of Khanna Group, which has been serving people for more than three decades in the gemstone and diamond industry. Just like the parent company, Gem Selections is setting new milestones by offering excellent products and services.

Gem Selections happens to be the leading gemstone seller that offers gemstones on EMIs. The EMIs can last from 6 months to 180 months duration. This is one of a kind scheme that has never been introduced by any gemstone retailer. The brand has also adopted Augmented Reality Technology and 3D hologram imaging in its flagship store. Gem Selections has been winning awards as The Best Gemstones Retailer in India quite often. They are being acknowledged and awarded for their outstanding work in the industry.

It has grown to be one of the trusted brands in India; after all it is backed by Khanna Group. Khanna group is headed by Mr. Pankaj Khanna and his wife Mrs. Anu Khanna. They now also have their son AaradhyaDevKhannaonboard. Apart from an entrepreneur, Mr. Khanna is also a renowned astrologer, and he has written books on Gemstones and astrology.

Together the Khanna family trio has set new benchmarks in the gemstone and diamond industry. When it comes to the Khanna group, the name itself is enough! After all, they enjoy credibility and pride in serving their loyal patrons since 1987. They offer unparalleled quality of gemstones. Khanna Gems have given their competitors a run for their money with their outstanding services.

You can visit both company’s website and explore more about them. They happen to be one of the only companies that are offering such unique facilities in their stores. No wonder their popularity is growing each day among masses. They are planning to expand their business prospects both offline and online. They aspire to open 50 new retail stores across the globe by March 2021. For their ecommerce business, they wish to get 10 million monthly views.

The procure gemstones and diamonds directly from the mines, followed by cutting and polishing them in their unit itself. This gives 100% assurance of quality. They are not any other cheap gemstone selling retailer. You can blindly trust the effectiveness and power of their gemstones as they are real and authentic.

At Khanna Gems, all the gemstones and diamonds pass through a stringent procedure before they are displayed in the showroom:

  • The Gems & Diamonds are checked before buying by a team of Gemmologists headed by Mr.PankajKhanna for their natural origin.
  • The AURA of the Gemstones is checked for ascertaining their power to give the required results. Because if a Gemstone has negative AURA, it does more harm than good.
  • The Gemstones and Diamonds are sent to IGI-GTL, an outfit of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.
  • Once the process of certification is complete, the Gemstones are Abhimantrit by performing Vedic Yagya by qualified Pandits.

If you wish to explore more about Khanna Group or Gem Selections, you can visit their respective websites and get in touch with them. You can also personally visit their retail store to have a look at their stunning and exquisite gemstones and diamond collection.

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