How to develop gross motor skills ?

If you want to develop the skills like running, jumping, catching, writing e.t.c in your baby then this is the best article for you.

Gross motor skill is not stopping with some above examples, it is such a vast topic and this is very important for every child.

You have to understand that the speed of developing gross motor skills is different in different babies.

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What is motor skills?

These are the skills which we use in our daily life to live our lives with ease.

This is a skill that contains holding, catching, writing, running, jumping, and many other basic things.

Some of the motor skills develop in babies automatically with time, but some babies need some encouragement to develop these skills fast.

This is not a very serious issue if it does not contain any doctor’s medicine, but you have to put the focus on your baby activity to increase these skills and make them strong in their early phase.

Types of motor skills.

A motor skill is a collective word this skill is divided into two types.

  1. Gross Motor skills – This is the skill which involves movement of large muscles of the body like – legs, hands, torso, e.t.c.
  2. Fine Motor skills – This is the skill which involves the smaller muscles of the body like fingers, wrist, ears, e.t.c.

Gross motor skills are again divided into two parts named.

  1. Locomotor skill – This is the skill to move the body from one place to another.
  2. Object Control Skill – This is the skill to control objects with help of your body organs.

Development of Gross Motor Skills.

This is a very important and basic skill which we develop a whole life, but some basic motor skill is developed when we are a child.

So, this is one of the important phases for your baby when you have to focus on the ability of balance and control in your baby.

Below you get the list of some basic motor skills which you have to practice with your child at a certain age.

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  1. For baby zero to 3 months.

Open and shut their hands, bring their hands to their mouth, open and shut their legs, massage their chest and back are some basic activities for these types of small babies.

2. For baby 4 to 5 months.

You can swing your baby by holding their hand and leg, this makes their hand and leg strong. But this activity should be done by parents.

3. For a baby 6 months old.

This is the age when your baby ready to explore new things, rise their chest, and set their own. So, this is the best time to give them some papers to tear, and some verify soft cushion pillows to press and play.

4. Eight to 10 months old.

Baby start crawling and they can reach some toys which you put in the lower rack. So, this is the time when you can give them support and stand them, play with bubbles and balloons.

You can also use some boxes in their path and be forced to pass the boxes by crawling over them.

5. When baby cross 1 year.

When your baby crosses 1 year then your baby can take his first step and this is the time when you can play with balls by kicking, trampoline by jumping, but make your presence which keeps your child safe.

6. When baby 4 years to 5 years.

This is one of the best moments for your child and parents because your baby can ride a tricycle. You can try this when your baby reaches 4 years or above.

Last words.

All the above are some basic activities which you should try according to the age of the baby to make their proper development.

There are lots more inactivity like a cathing game with a small ball, swimming if you have resources, but those are activities which you must have to try with the age of the baby.

In short, you should increase the difficulty level of activities with your baby as their age increase.

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