SAT Coaching in Pune

Sat Coaching in Pune

There is a plethora of SAT coaching in Pune who claims to help students in getting the desired SAT scores. EduQuest being one of them. They not only claim in helping students but have helped a lot of students in fulfilling their ambitions. They provide excellent teaching facilities which help students in Pune to achieve good SAT scores. They are one of the best SAT coaching classes in Nepal. If you are looking for a SAT coaching in Pune or nearby then you should go through all the articles. If you are looking for SAT coaching in Pune then you should opt for them. Good SAT coaching in Pune is difficult to find. So choose the SAT classes based on your need and demand.

Refer to this article to know more about the SAT exam, SAT Preparation, SAT Online Classes, SAT Offline Classes and SAT coaching.


SAT is a standardized test widely accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. It is an entrance exam debuted by College Board in 1926. It was earlier known as the Scholastic aptitude test it SAT 1.

SAT takes approximately 4 hours to finish with an optional essay of 50 minutes. In India, the general SAT exam amounts to $101 with an additional fee of $49 for changing center and day of the exam.

SAT is a multiple based question and conducted in an offline mode. The SAT score ranges between 800-1600 combining the sectional scores of reading and writing and mathematics. The score of cross-sections ranges between 400-800 each whereas the subscore ranges between 10-20. The essay is optional so it is not included in overall SAT scores. The score is essay is shown separately from your composite SAT score.

Other subjects included in the SAT exam are literature, foreign language, and history. SAT exam measures the capability of a student in reading, writing, and mathematics. It checks whether a student is ready to study undergraduate courses in universities. Anyone who seeks to get admission to top universities of the world opts for this exam.

SAT is of two types- SAT 1 and SAT 2. If you want to get specialization in one specific subject then you should opt for SAT 2 whereas SAT 1 is given by those students who aim to do theirs under graduation from prominent colleges.


  • SAT is conducted by the College Board which is a private, non-profit organization
  • SAT scores are accepted by universities of USA, UK, Australia, and Canada
  • The minimum age required to appear for SAT score if 16-17 years and there is no limit on maximum age
  • There are two types of SAT exams- SAT 1 and SAT 2. If you want to specialize in any particular subject then you should opt for SAT 2.

SAT exam structure and pattern

SAT comprises of two major sections-

  • Reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • And one optional essay

The total time given to do the exam is 3 hrs and 40 minutes along with 50 minutes for an optional essay. The total number of questions is 184+ 1(optional essay). SAT is a pen-paper based entrance exam and has multiple choice based questions.

The following table gives a brief idea about the number of sections, total questions, and time required to complete the exam.

Number of sections 3 sections including an optional essay
Total number of questions 154+1 (optional essay)
Total time taken 180 minutes without the essay
Score range 800-1600
Language of questions paper English
Mode of examination Pen-paper mode
Negative marking None


Section Subsection Number of questions Score range
Evidence-based reading and writing Reading




Mathematics With a calculator& Without



88 200-800
Optional essay 1 2 to 8
Total 185 including optional essay 400-1600

The connection between SAT coaching and rank holder

Everyone admires to get a good score in their SAT exam for pursuing their undergraduate courses from top colleges. You might search for SAT coaching in Pune and nearby places for starting your SAT preparation. Every year, several students score above 1500 and mark their names in the history of toppers. How do they achieve this tag? The answer is with the help of SAT coaching classes and their hard work. You should look for SAT coaching classes near your place so that your time is also not wasted. Going to SAT offline classes could be time-consuming, so you should try out SAT online classes.

Good SAT coaching in Pune can help you get good scores like the toppers of the previous year. Coaching classes provide you with consistency and regularity in your SAT preparation. Through proper guidance from experts and professionals creates a path through which you can achieve good scores.

If you look at the details of SAT toppers, you will find out that most of them have taken SAT coaching classes which helped them score better than their expectations.

If you are looking for good SAT coaching in Pune or any other place, you should check out the list of toppers from each coaching center and attend the demo classes before applying to them. You can take reviews from the ex-students and toppers about the faculty and staff members.

Why go for SAT coaching?

SAT coaching classes are beneficial ad they provide rigidity to your SAT preparation. You can check your preparation for the SAT exam through coaching centers. You can opt for any mode of coaching- online or offline. SAT online classes helps to eliminate unnecessary wastage of time as you can easily study at home without distractions. And if you are a person who likes to study in person with teachers then you should take SAT offline classes.


ACT and SAT are widely accepted entrance tests for undergraduate courses. Although both are similar to each other but still have a few key points of difference.

How different are ACT and SATfrom each other:

Total time required for

ACT is – 2 hrs 55 minutes without writing and 3 hrs 35 minutes with writing whereas SAT required 3 hrs 40 minutes for completion and 50 minutes extra for the optional essay.

Sections of ACT include English, maths, sciences, reading, and writing(optional)

SAT has two major sections- reading and writing and mathematics with a calculator and without a calculator.

Time required per section is :


  • English : 45 minutes
  • Maths : 60 minutes
  • reading: 35 minutes
  • Sciences: 35 minutes
  • writing (optional): 40 minutes


  • Reading and writing: 65 minutes
  • Mathematics: 55 minutes
  • essay (optional): 50 minutes

–              Number of questions:


  • Reading and writing- 52 and 44 questions respectively
  • Mathematics- 88 questions
  • Essay- 1 question (optional)


  • Reading: 40 questions
  • Writing: 1 question optional
  • Mathematics: 60 questions
  • Squestions40 questions

What is a good SAT score in 2021?

A good SAT score helps you to get into your desired colleges very easily. If you have got the highest score, you might get scholarships from prominent universities for your further educational expenses.

The good SAT score depends on the university you want to get admission into. For example: in 2019, the average SAT score required to get admission into Harvard university was 1470, and Florida university of state-required a SAT score of 1250. And if you’re applying to Ivy League schools, your goal score may end up being close to a perfect 1600. Due to intense competition among students, the average SAT score is increasing from year to year.

Percentile Evidence-based reading and writing Math Total
99th 760 and above 790 and above 1520 and above
90th 670 690 1350
75th 600-10 600 1200-1210
50th 530 520 1050
25th 450-60 440-450 900
10th 390-400 380 790
1st 330 and below 310 and below 690 or below

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